Client Evaluations

Here, the evaluation from clients of Monitas, is introduced.

About panel information

Cliant A
In Monitas panel, attribute information can be acquired exactly.
So we can reduce the wasteful cost because of delivering without waste.
Monitas is doing steady panel management.
Please check it by the following page for more information.

About panel size

Cliant B
Very much responses are taken from Monitas panel.
And it’s easy to use because there are many kinds of  the special panel.
Monitas is possessing a panel of 10,021,502 people.So various kinds of panels can be offered to you.
Please see the following page for more information.

About Usability

Cliant C
From using “automatic provide as panel” service, we could deliver anytime, so it became easy to use.
Monitas original service, “Automatic provide as panel”, make easy to online survey to Japan.
If you’re in trouble about online survey  to Japan, please contact to Monitas after following page was read. 


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