Special panel Information

We can extract demographics from our panels (This is a partial list. Please contact us if you need to know other pre-registration items)

Railroad lines

  • Train lines of nearest station_The metropolitan area (Tokyo and other three prefectures)
  • Train lines of station_Kansai region (Osaka and other five prefectures)


  • Industry
  • Profession
  • Employment status
  • Company size_number of employees
  • Company’s capital fund
  • Company’s revenue
  • Degree of decision making for purchasing office equipment/recruiting


  • Disease/disorder
  • Past disease
  • Family member’s desease


  • Types of Driver’s license
  • Number of vehicles owned
  • Family car’s manufacturer/brand
  • Family car’s model
  • Degree of decision making for purchasing a Family car
  • When do/did you buy a family car?

Residential house

  • House form
  • Length of residence
  • Age of the house
  • Living space
  • Builder of the house
  • Housing equipment
  • Gas contract
  • Home-purchase plan
  • Styles of housing under consideration
  • Past renovation/extension and remodeling
  • Where did you remodel?
  • Renovation/extension and remodeling plans
  • Where do you consider remodeling?
  • Household size
  • Household formation