Panel Quality Control

How Monitas control panel quality?

High-quality panel structuring, operation and management.
We build up a balanced panel attribution, excluding black list criteria and maintenance.

Who is on our black list?

We strictly exclude monitors below:

  • Non-existent names(symbols, “aaa” and etc.), addresses
  • Duplicate or unreal registrations
  • Inconsistant or dishonest respondents
  • Unreachable email addresses
  • Other reasons that MONITAS evaluates as black list criteria

1. Recruitment and Management

We have mainly worked with multiple Web services and construct a panel that it is based on the population structure so that there is no bias in the attributes or characteristics of panelists.

2. How to Manage

Operable Projects

We don’t handle any project which is for sales promotion nor sample any survey which contrary to ethics and morality.

Quality of Panel

We have managed our panel through the following ways:

  • Excluding fraud respondents from a study which has set traps on. [twice a year]
  • Confirming our panelists who don’t respond any surveys for six months. [monthly]
  • Monitoring panelists’ answer constantly on our projects [at anytime]
  • 180 days, the monitor confirmed no questionnaire [at anytime]

Update of registration information

Our panelists can always update their own registered information.


We always give incentives to our panel through any survey.
We set the amount of incentives based on length of survey.
Our panelists can exchange their incentives to cash by bank transfer, gift certificates, or points on another Web services.

3. Aggressive Disclosure of Our Panel-related Information

We have published the panel basic information on the corporate site once a month.

4. Personal Information and Privacy Protection

We collect Personal Information of many consumers on a daily basis and take it for granted that we properly collect, use, manage the information. We adhere to ESOMAR’s “International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice” and the Japan Market Research Association’s “Marketing Research Principles” with regard to the protection and security of private information. Please refer to the Personal Information Protection Act for more details.