Provide as panel

Are you interested in a questionnaire to Japanese?

If you’re not interested in Japanese research, even if further down is read, there is a possibility that time becomes wasteful, so please return.

But for the person who takes an interest in a questionnaire to Japanese, this page is a very important page.
So please read!

Mean of use monitas panel

Monitas panel size of smartphone owners is 1M+ (around 10% RR /week)!
And we have the good record of performance of  a lot clients use.

Flow of provide panel

A flow of provide panel is indicated below.
It seems difficult seemingly, but we will promise you to support it thoroughgoingly.

Step1:Contact to Monitas

Please contact to Monitas of any kind of way.
In the case, tell me the number of questions and the number of sample you’d like to collect.

Step2:Reply from Monitas with estimation

We make an estimation for you over the day when we received a contact.
So, please contact any time.
We answer to your request with full strength so that it may be answered.

Step3:Request fixation from you

If it’s fixed that you rely on us, please inform us of you again.
We do an implementation test and provide panel into your questionnaire.

In some days, after collection completion, you can confirm the reply result and do total processing by yourself.